Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Classic jewellery

Pearl au faux Earrings

Jewelries are women's best friend. Wearing a pair of pearl earrings will make you look classy and elegant. It looks good wearing any attire or outfit.

$40 NZD (New Zealand)

This pair of earrings are made of oyster coated shell and they are sterling silver with butterfly stoppers.. It's 8.1mm. Colour is pearly white.

Sky Blue Swarovski Stone Earrings

                                     (Above picture for illustration purposes) 

You will definitely look good and stunning with stone earrings. Kate Middleton wears blue sapphire stone. Although her outfit is pretty simple but the blue stone earrings makes her stand out of the crowd.

$50 NZD (New Zealand)

This pair of earrings are made of Swarovski stone. The colour is sky blue. It is made of sterling silver with butterfly stopper. Height is 12.2mm and length is 10.2mm.

Swirl Stone Necklace

$50 NZD ( New Zealand)

Sterling silver pendant and necklace
Stamped 0.925 Sterling silver with stone pendant both width and length are 7mm. 
Stamped 0.925 Sterling silver necklace round lobster clasp = 445mm

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